What KIDS are saying...
I liked learning making letters with my body.
— Samuel, age 3
My favorite pose was cotton candy and when I wiped all over my face!
— Simone, age 3
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Kids Yoga Adventures

SoulShine Life Kids Yoga Adventures program specializes in teaching yoga to the youngest of yogis. Many of our classes are geared to children ages 1-7, where we emphasize creativity, self-expression and fun. Children this age are busy learning and understanding the world around them and their experience in it. Yoga is a perfect outlet for connecting with Nature and embodying the lessons it holds for us.

SoulShine Life Kids Yoga Adventures take kids along a learning journey through different themes: Ocean, Farm, Zoo, Jungle and Outer Space to name a few. Classes are usually 30-45 minutes in length and new theme is explored each week. Class structure includes a warm up, theme-inspired sequence of poses, breath practice or group games, and time for a brief relaxation or meditation. Our tot classes, ages 1-3, use repetition and song to teach parts of the body and all the ways it can move. Through fun yoga games and partner poses, tots refine their motor coordination and improve their socializing skills. Classes for predominantly older children, ages 4-7, will explore themes in greater depth gaining knowledge on a particular subject while also learning how they have the tools within themselves through breath and meditation to help reduce stress, keep nerves calm and develop better focus and concentration in school.

SoulShine Life teachers are registered yoga instructors, with certification in kids yoga and many have a background in childhood development and/or arts education. SoulShine Life Yoga engages the whole-child and recognizes that children learn through many different ways and intelligences. Music, song, dance and stories are often interwoven into each class for a multi-disciplinary experience.

Ways to make Kids Yoga Adventures a part of your learning experience:

  • Regular weekly class at your preschool or daycare.
  • Circle time fun at your parent group, family event or playgroup.
  • Private one-on-one instruction at your home with you and your child/children.

SoulShine Life Kids Yoga Adventures will not only benefit the children but the teachers as well. Through participation and observation teachers have a moment to stretch and strengthen their own bodies and build a shared vocabulary of new yoga tools that can be implemented throughout the school-day. What the kids need to learn is usually what the grown-ups need to learn too. Bring the ADVENTURE of YOGA to your school or group. Contact us to schedule a demo class.

Schools and Centers that have had or currently offer SoulShine Life Kids Yoga Adventures:

  • Union Temple Preschool
  • Brooklyn Preschool of Science
  • Tiny Scientist Day School
  • Ladybug Daycare & Preschool
  • Maple Street School
  • West Village Nursery School
  • Brooklyn Free Space
  • Musication Camps
  • Soles Playtime Daycare
  • Prospect Kids Academy
  • The Co-Op School
  • Casa Montessori
  • Little Mushrooms
  • Bend & Bloom Yoga
  • Oranim Jewish Daycare
  • Hootenanny Arthouse