Since having yoga at our school the kids seem to be more in tune with their bodies. It has improved their coordination, flexibility, balance, and focus.

— Susan Sporer, Director, Union Temple Preschool

I have been very happy with the warmth, animation, patience and fun of instructor April Cantor during the toddler and care giver classes.

— Amy L.

My son and I love going to April's classes. Her enthusiasm and warmth made my reluctant two year old feel comfortable and eager to join in. She connects with every child and makes them feel special while allowing the moms to get a good stretch or two. I loved watching my son jump like a frog and reach like a giraffe. I can't recommend April's classes enough.

— Elizabeth L-F.

Highly recommend the tots yoga class with April. My daughter and I love it. April has that incredibly rare gift in a teacher: she is able to project calm and reassurance while being dynamic, creative and absolutely inspiring. The class not only brightens my daughter’s Tuesdays and gives her a safe space to connect her body and imagination, but we see its lasting effects all week: from her demonstrating to us new poses April has taught her, to making up her own “poses” as she pretends to be the yoga instructor, to her recent use of her yoga breathing as a way to calm herself when she’s upset. All pure gold to a parent and a great foundation for her love of yoga and awareness of her body in future years.

— Acacia S.

I can not express to you how much we loved your class and the fun that we had. We hope to join you again in the future. You rock!!!

— Heather S.

April Cantor has the magic touch. Her classes are fun, creative, challenging and peaceful... a perfect way to introduce kids to the practice of yoga while also offering an open, supported space for children and parents/ caregivers to connect with each other in meaningful ways. April's warmth, openness and creative energy pour out of her spontaneously and bring out the best in her students and their grown-ups... (And what parent or caregiver of a toddler couldn't use a weekly infusion of positive, playful and peaceful vibes?) By encouraging adults and kids alike to slow down and find delight in movement, stillness, songs and stories, April helps her community of students find balance, stay energized and feel free. What a world it would be if all teachers of young people brought this level of intention and energy to their work!

— Kate Q.

We’ll never forget the first time Liam showed us ‘downward dog’ or showed us how to relax by breathing. We thank you for providing this focus to an often busy fellow. He speaks for you often and we deeply appreciate all you have taught him.

— Nadine Bourgeon

The children really love yoga class with you. Your warmth and your thoughtfulness make it a wonderful experience. Sometimes when there is a frenzied vibe in the classroom we all sit down, breathe deeply and do what you do at the beginning of each class. Mondays and Thursdays are special days in the Robins class because of you. We really appreciate what you do with the children!

— The Robins with Christine and Marta, Union Temple Preschool

You are such an amazing teacher, and your kindness and warmth has been a great gift. Our children talk about you all the time! Thanks to you, they love doing yoga. We are so grateful that you’ve been their teacher this year. Thanks for everything.

— Parents of the Starlings class of Union Temple Preschool

Thank you SO much for the wonderful yoga hike yesterday - we really appreciated all the hard work you and Amy put into making it so special. It was a really magical experience - exploring and discovering new parts of the park (on our very doorstep) that we had never seen before, and feeling so connected with nature in a beautiful way. Oscar had a blast - he hasn't stopped talking about it - It was such a lovely way to bond with him, and feel peaceful and energized together - I very much hope you will organize another one soon. We will be the first in line!

— Sarah & Oscar