Create balance in your life with Family Yoga Workshops and Retreats

SoulShine Life is committed to bringing the joy of yoga into your school, family and Life. Children and grown-ups alike each needs the space to play and explore - we aim to help find balance & connection inside and out.


This is especially true for preschoolers. Every day holds something new and amazing to learn. SoulShine Life Kids Yoga Adventures brings playful yoga to children ages 1-7. Nature comes alive as SoulShine Life teachers lead children through imaginative themed classes, developmentally geared to your toddlers and preschoolers. March with the dinosaurs, swing thru the jungle with monkeys, fly like a butterfly in an enchanted garden: en route to these creative journeys like these, your students gain strength & confidence, concentration & focus, care for oneself & others. With lots of room for self-expression & exploration, SoulShine Life classes let your little ones’ Light shine bright and will plant seeds for a life-long love of physical and mental well-being. Bring Kids Yoga Adventures to your school, daycare center, playgroup or birthday party. Schedule your sample kids yoga class today! Inquiries can be sent to


Are you a mom or dad looking to get some yoga in your life, too, while squeezing in extra bonding time to play and learn with your child? Find balance and reconnection in our Family Yoga workshops and classes. And soon to come, Family Yoga Retreats! - Time for THEM, time for YOU, time TOGETHER.