April Cantor, owner/founder of SoulShine Life, is an educator, maker, performance artist, mother, daughter, sister, who guides children, and those who care for them, in developing a deeper relationship with their innate resources: body, breath & intuition using the tools of yoga, mindfulness, and the creative arts. She aims to help families navigate the various landscapes of life by strengthening connection to each other and the world through creative ritual and mindful explorations.

Blessings to You

I’m April Cantor, founder and owner of SoulShine Life. Drawing from my background in theater arts education and multicultural studies and dance, I set out to hold a nurturing space where self-expression, creativity and play can happen. Rooted in Integral Yoga, alignment-based yoga and Vipassana meditation practices, my 20+ years of teaching yoga and mindfulness encompasses kids and adults in studios, schools, homes and offices. As a first generation Filipino-American, I experience the world through a multicultural lens, seeking connection across diversity and patterns that empower and unite.

My kids’ yoga trainings include Trauma-Informed Teaching through Little Flower Yoga, Next Generation Yoga, Karma Kids, Kumarah Yoga, Asana Alphabet, Movement & Mindfulness by Move With Me Yoga, and StoryTime Yoga. I am most inspired these days by indigenous cultures, fiber arts making, paddling on the water, travels with my family and watching my two sons evolve into teenhood.

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We are based in Brooklyn, NY

the original lands of the Lenape. I honor my ancestors, all those who have come before us and hope to leave this planet in better shape for the children of my children (those who come after us). I hold the health and wellness of my family as my highest priority.

The Company

SoulShine Life is dedicated to helping teachers, families and children of all ages develop an empowered relationship with their innate resources and to set a strong foundation for wholistic wellness: integrating body, mindset and spirit. Our mission is to encourage & support healthy, conscious living through joyful, heart-centered exploration. We envision a world in which students can step into their fullest potential as children, caregivers, educators and individuals by creating a deeper connection to themselves, their families and to the world-community around them.