Yoga Classes:

Find the OM in your Home and Classroom


Our Kids Yoga Adventures are geared to children ages 1-7, where curiosity, self-expression and fun are emphasized. Are you listening to the sounds and words you hear, from beginning to end? What does it feel like to stand on 2 feet? On one foot? Does how you breathe change the way you feel? In many ways we get to be scientists observing our own bodies & minds and how our brain works. Through creative movement, stories and song linked to a seasonal theme kids explore basic yoga poses inspired by nature and their own imagination, as well as develop a sense of caring for our own bodies, the bodies of others and the world around us. SoulShine Life Yoga engages the whole-child and recognizes that children learn through many different ways and intelligences. Story, creative movement and songs are often interwoven into each class for a multi-disciplinary experience.

Family Explorations

SoulShine Life’s Family Yoga Explorations help families weave the principles of yoga, spiritual and physical, into their daily lives: Kindness, Compassion, and Connection. Through our workshops we create a space for families to reconnect and find balance inside and out. Our Tot & Me and Family Classes are a lively, fun way to explore breath’s connection to feelings, stillness and movement, develop coordination, balance and focus, and enjoy some social time with other little-people & families just like you! Parents are encouraged to let their own inner child play and get their stretch-on too! Explore yoga with us!

Example Family Explorations:

Tot & Me, Family Yoga, Partner Yoga for Parents

Tweens & Teens

Teen/Tween Yoga Journeys for Middle school & High School. We are LGBTQ+ friendly & promote inclusivity & cultural sensitivity. Focus is on positive self-image, empowerment, healthy posture, and managing stress & anxiety.  Possible programs include The Rainbow Inside: Chakras series for Tweens, Yamas & Niyamas- Relating to Yourself and Others, and Wellness Foundations for your school.

Private Instruction

Virtual Classes via Zoom offered for ease and convenience.

It is vital that adults, especially caregivers and teachers, make space for themselves to stretch & strengthen, to center & focus, to feel present and have quiet time to themselves.

Working one-on-one with a teacher can give you the space and time to gain greater understanding of breathwork and dissecting the most basic of poses to set a good foundation for your practice. Let me help you create your own personalized yoga ritual that will include a sequence of poses that you can practice daily, and a contemplative yoga/mindfulness practice that you can integrate throughout the activities of your day.

Please contact me to schedule your complimentary Wellness Assessment & Activation session. In this powerful phone session, together we get very clear on where you & your body are needing support right now, how a yoga practice can help with that, and how working together can help you get what you want.

Why Yoga?

Learn Self-regulation & Emotional Balance

Develop Body-awareness and Self-empowerment

Strengthen focus: listening and attention skills

Practice kindness, curiosity and compassion

Embody respect and care for self, the environment and others.

We Offer Private Instruction For groups and individuals.
In person and virtual options available

Do you find it difficult to commute to a regular Tot or Family Yoga class in your area? Has it been hard to fit a Yoga class into your schedule?

Bring SoulShine Life’s Yoga directly to your home, pod or playgroup. Classes can be customized to your family or group’s needs, or for your own personal soul-care practice, private adult yoga instruction is available.

Let’s RECONNECT and FIND BALANCE together!

School Partnerships in the Brooklyn and Greater-NYC area:

We have partnered with the following schools for in-class yoga instruction. Brooklyn New School, Brooklyn Preschool of Science, Brooklyn Free Space, Bend & Bloom Yoga, Casa Montessori, The Co-Op School, Friends Seminary NYC, Hootenanny Arthouse, Ladybug Daycare & Preschools, La Scuola D’Italia, Little Mushrooms, Maple Street School, Musication Camps, Oranim Jewish Daycare, Prospect Kids Academy, Soles Playtime Daycare, Tiny Scientist Day School, Union Temple Preschool, West Village Nursery School


Teacher Tune-In Workshop

Teacher Tune-In Workshop- Teachers need support too. Learn daily self-care rituals that help you get calm, centered and replenished. Perfect for Staff Development enrichment.

Staff Wellness Tune-In- Classes in person and virtual


Mentorship for Kids Yoga Teachers You just got certified to teach kids yoga. Now what?

Who do I contact to get into schools? What lessons do I plan? How do I balance my schedule and checkbook?

Having created a thriving yoga business from the ground up has been quite the journey. A decade later, I’m still learning but I also have a wealth of knowledge to share. Connect with me if you seek guidance, a cheerleader, a sounding board. I want to help you set a clear path to bringing your gifts to the world in an effective and sustainable way.

Contact [email protected] for consulting fee

Circles & Ritual Coming Soon

 Stay tuned!

Create To Calm


Mindful Craft Circles- Let’s create sacred space for creativity and self-expression to flow using yarn, felt, ink and watercolors, origami and clay. Repetitive motion can be another way to access a calm, meditative state.

Find the Goddess Within


Reconnect to your inner power, intuition and creativity by recognizing the Goddess within you through a guided, hands-on artistic expression.


15 Minute Family Rituals


Simple, intentional ways to elevate the everyday and promote harmony, understanding, & accountability to each other.

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